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Outdoor lighting lighting concept

We create an individual lighting concept for you based on a garden plan from the landscape architect, or we come on site to record aerial photographs of the entire site with our drones.

We look for the special features in the outdoor area and underline structures, secure paths and stairs and give the residence a unique, warm and cordial atmosphere. 

The inclusion of the property in the outdoor lighting concept enables incomparable light images - architecture and nature wonderfully combined in the landscape lighting

lighting plan

On the lighting plan we visualize as well as possible the light distribution which allows us to determine the transitions of effect. 

The integrated cabling plan simplifies the maintenance of the systems and enables cost-effective maintenance. 

A cable is unfortunately quickly cut, but if we find it quickly, we can also quickly repair it - 100% waterproof

The infrastructure enables cost-effective expansion when new plantings or garden changes are made. 

Beleuchtungsplan für Webseite_Seite_1.jpg

Installation of outdoor lighting

We install the offered garden lighting exclusively with our proven and tested installation material.    

Drilling holes for the light fixture in wood, concrete 

Cable protection with 10mm black slotted protective tube.

Special solutions depending on project requirements

Creating trenches for laying cables

Based on the garden plan, we create trenches with our GeoRipper. 32mm wide ditches with a depth of approx. 30cm also grow over quickly so that the garden can continue to be used. Thanks to the GeoRippers, we can also install simple irrigation shafts to accommodate the power supplies

Kopp Aussenlichtdesign Gartenbeleuchten - Emotionen Pur

light control

Our power supplies are compatible with

0-10v control signals


KNX via DALI Gateway

"PUSH" button control 

We install the CASAMBI light control modules, which offer unique operating convenience via app control. 

Timer function with astronomical sunset and sunrise adjustment, scene functions, motion detectors, magnetic sensors for doors and much more let you forget about light control. 

Renovations and maintenance work

After an on-site visit, we can also offer you renovations of all outdoor lighting systems. With very high-quality lights, many conversions to the latest technologies are still possible for a long time. 

A symbiosis of old and new is also one of our specialties. We only install lights that can be 100% repaired on site. 

A garden is alive and usually requires a slight rearrangement of the lights and adjustments to the light emission every 3 years in order to always be able to enjoy the maximum result. 

On request, we will provide you with an individual offer 


Lighting design for outdoor spaces
  • specifically garden lighting as recommended by the Experiential Landscape Lighting Initiative

  • Holistic cost estimate up to the outdoor lighting put into operation

Installation training for outdoor lighting

  • Highly specialized training for landscape lighting systems

  • Acquiring knowledge of automatic solder shrink connection technology

  • Constant current garden lighting with serial wiring

After commissioning

  • Set evening light for maximum result

  • 5 years on site Warranty against hidden installation defects

  • Spare parts service for lights sold

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